My story might be similar to yours.

I survived my 20’s eating anything I wanted to and felt pretty great.

My 30’s however, started off very differently. I had innumerable gastrointestinal issues and was put on antacids three times a day along with other prescription medication for about 6 months. Nothing changed except for some symptoms periodically going away only to come back stronger and for longer. 


And then a meeting with a holistic practitioner changed my life.


I went on a gluten and sugar free diet for 6 months and my symptoms completely disappeared. I was off all medication and started to enjoy nutritious food more than unhealthy options. Living in Northern California helped a lot; with the abundance of fresh produce and nutritious choices being so accessible. 

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I was so motivated by the health benefits I saw from food vs. medication that I decided to go to Nutrition School and study the fundamental science behind why we are what we eat.


From understanding the role healthy fats play in brain health to our gut bacteria affecting our overall health, there are plenty of ways in which food can help us work towards our optimal health. I am a certified nutrition consultant and my philosophy is to help you find ways to make your personalized nutrition plan actionable, sustainable and most importantly enjoyable! It’s quite simple if you think of it, if you enjoy eating nutritious foods, you are certainly more likely to keep eating them! 

I am also writing a cookbook that will feature our family’s traditional south Indian recipes! Stay tuned for more…



 I am a nutritionist and provide health and wellness services to individuals and groups on health supporting foods and lifestyle practices to teach individuals to make good decisions to support their well-being.

I am NOT a Registered Dietitian or a Medical Doctor. As such, I do not provide medical nutrition services, or diagnose and treat disease. Rather, I educate people on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to improve their quality of life. I advise people with existing medical problems to consult with medical doctors. I share evidenced-based health information, whether to class participants or wellness counseling client sessions.